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What to clean print if I cannot find IPA or Alcohol (Ethanol)

The Novel Coronavirus outbreak has devastated many people's lives and caused supply shortages. One frequent question we have received lately is

"What if I cannot find IPA or Ethanol to clean my prints?"

The most readily available and cost-effective option is acetone, which is commonly used to remove paints/nail gloss. Before you run out to buy, read the following instructions and warnings.


Acetone is more toxic than Ethanol and IPA, that is why it was not commonly recommended.

Here is acetone's MSDS from a major manufacturer:


Make sure you wear butyl rubber gloves, wear goggle, use in the well-ventilated area, keep away open flames, and do not ingest acetone.

Acetone also is not water-soluble, so do not dilute by adding water.


  • Follow Aceton's MSDS from the OEM of the chemical.

  • Do not submerge a print in acetone for more than 30s. Best to dunk the print in and out of acetone

  • Use a hair based brush. Do not use plastic-based brushes.

  • Dry before curing

Happy printing!